Instructor Training

Down Forklift Training Ltd currently have two Accredited Tutors, who are able to carry out Instructor Training at our premises.

We provide Instructor Training for:

Forklift Trucks

Manual Handling

Abrasive Wheels


Instructor Training is available to Category 1 level, which means that if the candidate is successful on the course they will only be registered to carry out "In House Training". This means that they cannot carry out any commercial training until they apply for, and are granted, Category 2 status by the Accrediting Body.

Below is the "Criteria" for Instructor Training:

Conditions  for  Accreditation

Category  1  :   Approved  Instructor

Instructors employed full time for training purposes by an industrial or training company may register as Category 1.  However Instructors employed under sub-contract arrangements by only one training company may also register as Category 1.

Instructors who wish to be employed (even if only very occasionally) by more than one training company must register as Category 2.  Thus instructors who subcontract their services to any industrial company or more than one training company (e.g. operate as a commercial trainer) must register as Category 2.

It necessarily follows that a Category 1 Instructor cannot issue training certificates in his own name but only in the name of his employer/contractor who must be appropriately registered.

  • 1.1  knowledge of and competence (* at instructor level) in operating each type of industrial truck on which he seeks to instruct.
  • 1.2  adequate literacy, numeracy and articulation.
  • 1.3  ability to examine operator skills.  Each applicant must agree to submit to initial assessment and periodic review.

Prior to being accredited each applicant must agree to : -

  • 1.4  submit to initial assessment and periodic review.
  • 1.5  abide by the standards and criteria published by the Accrediting Body.
  • 1.6  monitoring on an ad hoc basis at a mutually convenient time and venue.

Each successful applicant will have their name entered on the register and will be issued with a Certificate and an Identity Card bearing their photograph and registration details.  The Identity Card will be endorsed with each type of industrial truck on which he is competent to instruct.  If in the future, an approved instructor wishes to add to this list (see 1.1 overleaf) a new Identity Card will be issued on production of the necessary proof of knowledge and basic practical operating ability (* at instructor level) of the additional machine(s) gained within 3 years.

Registration for instructors who have successfully passed the Accredditing Bodies examinations is for a period of 5 years.

*  Please Note:  For the purpose of instructing others registered instructors should have passed the test of basic practicable operating ability at instructor level (maximum 20 points) on the relevant machines.


Micheal Jeffrey (Instructor/Examiner)

Instructor Examination Criteria

This examination can be progressive e.g. carried out by the course tutor who will be the examiner at the appropriate times during an instructor training course or carried out on a day set aside for the purpose of examination.  (An independent Training Standards Advisor who reports to The Directors will monitor the tutor).

This way examination is available to both new and experienced instructors alike.

The criteria for undertaking the training course or examination will be : - 

a.  Each candidate or their employer must nominate the type of equipment on which they wish to be examined.

b.  The training or examination centre must confirm that they can provide that type of equipment.

c.  The candidate must provide 

  • evidence of at least 6 months operating experience on their nominated truck type.
  • The candidate must  have passed the Accrediting Bodies Forum 2000 (ABF) full standard operator's test.  Possession of an operator’s certificate, issued in the previous 12 months by an accredited training company may be considered as evidence of this ability.  Alternative current evidence of ability submitted in advance of the course will be considered and verified as necessary and must be available for verification by the TSA monitoring the course.

All candidates will be examined by answering 60 questions with multiple choice answer questions and on their ability to instruct in both classroom and practical teaching situations and in setting up and conduction a practical skills test on the type of equipment nominated.

To achieve accreditation with an Accrediting Body an instructor must achieve a Pass on all 9 tests, which are listed separately and will be amended from time to time in the light of experience.  A fee will be charged for registration.

Upon successfully achieving a Pass the instructor's name will be entered onto the register for a period of 5 years and they will be issued with a personal certificate of accreditation with the Accrediting Body.  An Identity Card will also be issued endorsed with each of the machine types for which the holder has provided satisfactory evidence of his or her ability to operate.  If, during the five year period, the instructor provides the Accrediting Body with satisfactory evidence of ability to operate on additional machinery, a new identity card endorsed with the additional machines will be issued for which a fee will be charged.

Shortly prior to the expiry of their registration, instructors will be sent a reminder indicating that if they wish to remain on the Register they must meet the instructor examination criteria as stated on the previous page.

The examination will be in two parts : -

A  -  Theory Examination

This is a 60 question paper covering : -

  1. An employer's legal obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Order 1978 to provide instruction, training, supervision and safe systems of work.
  2. Current recommendations for the basic training of operators.
  3. Instructional Techniques.

B  -  Practical Examination

This verifies the instructor's ability to : 

  1. demonstrate his operating skills to the satisfaction of the training centre.
  2. Prepare and present a classroom lesson to a group (minimum 15 minutes) on a subject nominated by the examiner using : - (a)  suitable visual aids (b)  the question and answer technique
  3. Conduct a practical demonstration.
  4. Conduct a practical lesson containing a minimum of 2 separate demonstrations to a group of 2 trainees.
  5. Construct and conduct a recognised test of basic operating skills on the equipment nominated.
  6. Write an end of training report on a trainee whose specification and the examiner will provide details.